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Delta Rehabilitation Center
Soroptimist of Friday Harbor
Mansion Stained Glass
Brain Injury Association
Shamanic Healing
VKnitz Blog
Artwork - Pastels
Deep Tissue Hellerwork Massage
Bouldeson - Hi Fidelity Speakers

Marc Gilmartin Counseling
Brain Injury Alliance
Kiwanis Northwest
Undulation Physical Therapy
Waxing Studio
Friday Harbor Kiwanis Club

W O R K (Endeavors)
e x t e r n a l   l i n k s

Sites I have designed and manage... (also shown in the gallery to your left)

Mansion Glass webmaster/designer
Delta Foundation  webmaster/designer
Brain Injury Association of Illinois  designer/site manager
Brain Injury Alliance of Wisconsin webmaster/designer
Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa webmaster/designer
Soroptimist International of Friday Harbor  webmaster/designer
Krystal Acres Alpaca Farm webmaster/designer
Snohomish Kiwanis Division 22  webmaster/designer
Friday Harbor Kiwanis Club webmaster/designer
San Juan County Textile Guild  webmaster/designer
Susan Grimaldi, Shamanic Healer   webmaster/designer
Hoochi Coochi Wax Studio webmaster/designer
Undulation Exercise webmaster/designer
Bouldeson HiFi Speakers webmaster/designer
Brain Injury Association of Illinois webmaster/designer
Marc Gilmartin, M.A. webmaster/designer
Pastels by Susan webmaster/designer
Valarie Keaton, Hellerworker  webmaster/designer/spouse :-)
Vknitz.blogspot.com my wife's knitting blog for which I created the logo
VKnitz.com my wife's knit pattern site which I designed

Sites I manage, update, or co-manage...

Brain Injury Association of America  consultant
Brain Injury Association of Georgia  designer/site manager
Brain Injury Association of Hawaii  site manager
Brain Injury Association of Kansas  site manager
Brain Injury Association of Ohio site manager
Brain Injury Association of Maine site manager
Brain Injury Association of South Carolina  site manager
Brain Injury Alliance of America  initial site consultant
National Association of State Head Injury Administrators  site manager
Certification Board for Structural Integration  content update lead
Academy of Certified Brain Injury Specialists webmaster/re-designer
Anacortes Telescope and Wild Bird  web-team member/graphic artist
Astromart  public content editor

P L A Y (Passions)
l o c a l   l i n k s

Astronomy my passion
Photography my hobby
The Urban Deep Sky List for city dwellers blinded by light pollution
An Urban Messier Report by fellow amateur astronomer Tony Flanders
Astronomy Poetry includes my astro-haiku
My Poetry from back when I used to write the stuff
My Acting Resume from back when I used to walk the talk
Baby Horses Our hearts are entwined with a small family of world class thoroughbreds.

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And, now, a word or two from my clients...

"As usual you are so right! Awesome job all the way - and in figuring out how
 to make everything look good on the pages. You rock!

- Jane Jackson, Director of the Brain Injury Association of Georgia

"Our national organization has used the services of Paul S. Walsh for a
number of years. In addition to being responsive to our organization's needs
in a timely fashion, Paul stays up to date on the latest technologies to
make sure our website is current, and serves as the liaison with our email
service provider and hosting company. As none of our staff are particularly
technologically savvy, we depend on him heavily for ensuring that our website
is meeting the needs of our members. He has been great to work with and
certainly takes care of our work very promptly and professionally.

- Susan Vaughn, MEd, Director of Public Policy for the Nation Association of State Head Injury Administrators

"The total redesign of the Krystal Acres website was a complete success.
What we thought would be a 2 to 3 month project, ended up taking less than a
month, at about half the cost we'd planned. We couldn't be more pleased, and
we think our visitors will really enjoy the photos and user-friendly
navigation through the site. Many Thanks.

-Candy Hoeschen, store manager, Krystal Acres Alpaca Farm